I have spent more than ten years studying photography. So I can surely say that I have reached a certain level in photography and I can do quite a lot. By the way, I’m still studying 😉

I thought a lot about studying photography and realized that although I have learned a lot myself, having read many books and spent a lot of time and money on tutorials; I gained the base of my knowledge by private lessons with the old photographer. He has taught me to see photography. I am glad to offer you my educational project:

“I’ll teach you to make the photograph”.

My lessons do not contain a specific plan, but are completely based on your knowledge and needs. They are based on practical analysis of your and my photos with the addition of the necessary theoretical knowledge that you will need to consolidate in practice.

I will only teach you what I myself totally understand to guarantee you only a quality experience.

How does it work:

  • Lessons are held either in person in Odesa or remotely via Skype or Zoom
  • Language: English, Ukrainian and Russian.
  • Message me in any convenient way and we will hold a test video conference to determine if I can be useful for you and resolve all issues (test video conference is free)
  • My lessons are not limited and depend only on you and how quickly you absorb the information received. Study will end only when you get bored or no longer interested in information.

I guarantee that I will share with you absolutely everything I know. And even at the end of our classes, you will always have the option to “ask a question”.

What I teach:

In the classes we will browse around all the topics that relate to the photography: from the choice of a camera and programs for working with photographs to the selection of outfit and makeup. You will also get access to all my tutorials and necessary tools for working in Photoshop.

I really good in: 

  • portrait
  • composition
  • color
  • photo processing

Photography is the way. Everyone has his own way, but first all of us needs support…

The price is 500 $

Feel free to message me in any convenient way:  CONTACTS