Where to start from?

Camera, lenses, light, processing – just the tools. You can learn to use them and take photos like everyone else.

 Want to take photos that will be admired? It’s simple. You just need to know the laws of perception and composition. I will teach you!


How does it work?

First – the theory and analysis of photos, and then we will work together on your photos until you learn to take photos like me or better.


In detail:

-Individual one-on-one classes on Skype

-Theory and practice

-Only necessary information without empty rhetoric

-12 basic lessons in theory and practice.

-analysis of your works after passing the theoretical block and support for future work

-you get free access to all my tutorials.


Plan of the lessons:

  1. Equipment
  2. Composition
  3. Perception
  4. Analysis of your and my photos
  5. Color
  6. Light
  7. Photo shooting
  8. RAW
  9. Processing
  10. Processing
  11. Processing
  12. Processing


In my opinion, the best and fastest way to master photography is the private lessons. They allows to save time and money but they are only effective when combined with practice and your desire to learn and create.


Photography is the way. Everyone has his own way, but first all of us needs support…


Have any questions – Ask here! 

Want to start –  Ask here! 

The price is 500 USD