Masterclasses/Private Lessons

“Fine Art Portraits Private Lessons on Skype” Retouching ­200 USD

It takes from 2 to 4 hours  to show and explain “Painterly Effect”, but sometimes it takes a longer time…

I offer two lessons:

-the first lesson:  how to get a good RAW (light settings, camera settings and lenses) and retouching of one photo (from RAW to final image).

-the second lesson can be held after you practice the processing using the skills gained during the first lesson. It will offer you the opportunity to prepare questions, and omit no essential circumstance. I will help you with the necessary elements for work, such as textures, plugins, etc.

Also, you can record video from my screen to be able to return to lessons and review important points.

“Fine Art Portraits Master class” Shooting and Retouching 430 USD

I offer individual lessons on photography and processing.

The duration of training course is two days:

– the first day: photoshooting in the studio (including the theoretical unit about preparing for shooting, lighting schemes and camera settings).

– the second day: retouching and Fine Art processing (from  RAW file to  final photography, work in Lr and Ps using a Wacom tablet).

Upon completion of the training course you may always get support at processing and photography

All information obtained during the lessons is intended solely for your personal use.

Please note that you are not allowed to sell, distribute or post videos or other elements and details of my lessons.