Hi everyone, my name is Dmitry Baev and I started Patreon channel. It ‘s very easy to find me there: baevfoto as anywhere or tap here

 The main reason is that: on Patreon I can share information there that is not intended for everyone. Like, you know I don’t want my models to see their photos before retouching. But I am often asked to show before and after photos and behind the scenes videos as well.
 Also I recently talked with one photographer and realized that he doesn’t know and doesn’t understand those things that I consider elementary and basic in photography. So I decided that I would share my knowledge about photography, retouching and photo processing on Patreon. Until I decided how exactly this will happen. Most likely in the form of recorded videos, live broadcasts, etc. But I think about it…

 I also realized that all my knowledge about composition and light is based on two years of classes with a teacher who criticized my photos not in words, but showed how they can really be improved … Perhaps I will implement this for you.

In general: it will be more interesting further!
In the meantime, you can view Before and After photos and BTS videos.

P.S. I hope this is a small fee for you. And for me this is an opportunity to invest more in photography and share with you my knowledge and approach to photography and photo processing!

See you on my PATREON!!!

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