Portrait Photo Processing 

 In the following video, I demonstrate my approach to photo processing.  You will become familiar with the instruments and techniques I use for portrait retouching, and what needs to be done to get the painterly effect in your portraits.

What you will learn:

  • How to Cleanup Skin
  • How to Dodge & Burn
  • How to Color & Tone
  • How to Enhance eyes
  • How to Bring Volume into the Skin and Hair

This video covers the whole photo processing which starts with converting Raw files. There is no empty rhetoric in my tutorial but only the relevant information about retouching and processing technics.

 I use the following plugins in my work: Imagenomic Portraiture, Alien Skin (Snap Art) and Nik Collection. You will need them as well.

In this video, the photo processing is divided into three parts. I recommend to use the same sequencing when you’re applying my techniques.

I use Adobe Lightroom for converting Raw files. You may use any convenient Raw converter. Besides, I work with a Wacom tablet, so for zooming and changing brush size I use a stylus instead of a keyboard.

Please pay attention to the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + J – New Layer via Copy
  • Ctrl + Z – Undo
  • Ctrl + G – Group layers
  • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E – merge all visible into one new
  • Ctrl + X – Apply Image
  • Ctrl + Shift + X – Liquify tool
  • Ctrl+ Shift +A – Gaussian Blur
  • Shift+F6 – set Feather Selection
  • Ctrl+D – hide selection
  • Ctrl+Shift+D – show last selection

This Tutorial is intended for experienced photographers.

The new photographers probably should take more time to study the instruments and techniques.